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  • A White Horse   
    Overall Rating:4
    Original horse clipart ranging from authentic to fantasy. Andalusians, Apaloosas, Arabians, Tennessee Walkers, Unicorns, and more.
    Quality Rating: 3-5   Quantity Rating: 4
  • Art by Cheryl   
    Overall Rating:5
    Where to start... this is one HOT clip art site. All hand drawn, huge variety of topics and tons of graphics. Categories include ancient (lots of Egypt and glyphs), animals, animation, arrows, bars, borders, cards, coloring, cutup dolls, holidays, internet, letters, labels, people, places, plants, templates, textures, things (hmmm) and tubes. Must go, must see, must get clip art.
    Quality Rating: 3-5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Cartoon Clipart   
    Overall Rating:5
    Professionally drawn, wonderfully creative -- these are top-notch illustrations. From the sleeping angel to the t-rex in a teacup, these are all winners.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Cartoon Clips   
    Overall Rating:4
    Some really useful cartoon clipart for little spot pieces (like a blender, a football, a screwdriver, animals and more). Look for the GIF files (in the preview section after you click download), tho -- unless you know graphics fairly well, you don't want to mess with the EPS files.
    Quality Rating: 4   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Digital Web Gold   
    Overall Rating:3
    The categories are gold, silver, copper, bronze, and pewter... and you'll find tons of spot graphics like hearts, apples, keys, dolphins, zebras, and other animals. Most objects are not bright shiny metal, but have a brushed or dull granular look.
    Quality Rating: 3   Quantity Rating: 5
  • GospelGifs   
    Overall Rating:4
    A sizeable collection of Christian clip art suitable for personal Christian web sites, Sunday School classes, emails and more.
    Quality Rating: 3-4   Quantity Rating: 4
  • Graphics Maps   
    Overall Rating:5
    Countries, continents, US states, if you can find it on a map, you'll find it here. Good collection of flags, also (US States and a large number of countries).
    Quality Rating: 4-5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Horse Racing   
    Overall Rating:5
    If you're looking for horses, this is the place to go -- clipart, animations, rules, and backgrounds (holiday horses, too!). Brought to you by's Horse Racing Guide, Cindy Pierson.
    Quality Rating: 4   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Monsterama   
    Overall Rating:4
    Black and white clipart pieces offered in .eps files. Great selection of people, action, and miscellaneous items such as shirts, keys, shoes, dice, and more.
    Quality Rating: 4-5   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Noetic Art   
    Overall Rating:4
    Lots of clip art pieces on a good variety of topics -- most will need to be resized for use on the web.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Original Country Clipart by Lisa   
    Overall Rating:5
    Simple, charming, and marvelous country sets that include tons of "clip art" pieces on a variety of themes. All heartwarming. ;)
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 4
  • ProDraw   
    Overall Rating:5
    Marvelous *little* clips (all for a white background) of strange animals, bugs, and sea creatures along with weather signs, food, umbrellas, vehicles, and tons more.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 5
    Overall Rating:3
    Whether you're building a real estate web site or you just want a house to stick on your "home" page, this site has a number of nice spot pieces. All geared toward real estate.
    Quality Rating: 3-4   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Shawn's Clipart and Webateria   
    Overall Rating:5
    Clipart that you will simply not believe is free. Original does begin to describe this work and high-quality is an understatement. Cartoon drawings that will make you laugh (as you're clearing off your hard drive to make room for all of them).
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 4
  • Snoville   
    Overall Rating:5
    An absolute charmer of a site with lots of adorable pieces featuring teddy bears, gardening, back to school, food, and lots of seasonal stuff.
    Quality Rating: 4-5   Quantity Rating: 4
  • the Art Cat Skates   
    Overall Rating:3
    If you're looking for ice skating clipart, you've found the place to go. All nicely hand drawn, all skates.
    Quality Rating: 3-4   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Traffic Signs   
    Overall Rating:4
    Richard Moeur is a designer different from most in this database -- he's a Traffic Engineer that knows a *lot* about yes, traffic SIGNS. If you're looking for a U.S. traffic sign, I bet you'll find it at his site.
    Quality Rating: 4   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Web Clip Art   
    Overall Rating:4
    Bobbie Peachey, the's own web clipart guide has to put together a nifty collection of hand-drawn clip-art (her own work) for your use. All sorts of spot graphics from cactus to For Sale signs.
    Quality Rating: 3-5   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Wizard of Draws   
    Overall Rating:5
    Jeff Bucchino is just a great cartoonist and here he is with a good variety of absolutely charming illustrations.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 4

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