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  • 3D   
    Overall Rating:5
    The best waving flags I have seen and the most countries covered -- really super work. The flags come in three sizes and on white, black, or transparent backgrounds.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • AniGifs by rw51   
    Overall Rating:5
    Yes, I know -- some of these are way too big (file size) for using on most web sites... but they are just so clever and funny, I had to include them (and there are many that are perfectly acceptable for web use)... I mean, how could I pass up a site with a hippo on a pink motorcycle?
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 4
  • Animation Arthouse   
    Overall Rating:4
    Dragons and ravens and spiders, oh my these are good. I admit, the spider creeped me out a bit, but only because it was so well done. Very nice animation.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Animations by Kitty Roach   
    Overall Rating:4
    Kitty Roach brings in some very clever, very well-drawn animated gifs (animals, mermaids, vacuum cleaners, bugs, etc.) -- warning: most of these are way on the heavy side for extensive, practical web use, but one per page might be perfect.
  • Cartoon Cottage   
    Overall Rating:5
    Hand-drawn and incredibly cute there is a wide variety here -- everything from Easter egg juggling bunnies to spiders to bears to cats to food to wheelchairs and more.
    Quality Rating: 4-5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Elated Web Toolbox   
    Overall Rating:4
    Clever and well-done (including small file sizes) with a lot of traditional web messages (New, E-Mail, Click Here, etc.). Look in the Buttonkit to find these animations.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Hathor's Realm   
    Overall Rating:3
    Walk like an Egyptian, baby. Or dazzle your friends with a sparkling ankh. Everything moving, everything Egyptian.
    Quality Rating: 3-4   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Hilton Imaging   
    Overall Rating:5
    Animated photographs? Sure, why not. This stuff is very good, and while some of it is huge, not all of it is -- most out of the ordinary for web art. Definite must see (however, a tip for those who are as easily confused as I am: don't click on the thumbnails, click on the the text, and no, they're not all black and white -- you'll understand when you get there).
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • McJeff's Free Animations   
    Overall Rating:3
    Some nice 3D models (a shark for one) and some cartoons, all animated. The animations are pretty smooth, but that means the files sizes are pretty high.
    Quality Rating: 2-4   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Millanimations   
    Overall Rating:5
    These are great, absolutely great. From small animations to vignettes, these are funny, well drawn, and well animated. People, animals, computers, love, holidays, mail, -- you'll definitely have fun here.
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Moonspell Animations   
    Overall Rating:4
    Great 3D and 2D animations -- you'll find cute aliens, animals, zodiac signs, hearts, witches, and more.
    Quality Rating: 3-5   Quantity Rating: 3
  • Neon City   
    Overall Rating:4
    All kinds of wonderful blinking neon tubes -- dingbats (skull, hanger, smiley face), and words (open 24 hours) in fun blinking neon. Now if they could just make that zzzzt! noise. ;)
    Quality Rating: 4   Quantity Rating: 5
  • ProDraw Free Graphic Gallery   
    Overall Rating:5
    Super 3D drawings that spin and twirl --all sorts of objects from bells to drums to links to cigarettes to animals... I could go on and on and on...
    Quality Rating: 5   Quantity Rating: 5
  • Robin's Graphics   
    Overall Rating:3
    Standard web text, bullets, baulbles, and bars -- all blinking, twirling, or shifting color.
    Quality Rating: 3-4   Quantity Rating: 3
  • VirtualLand Animation Gallery   
    Overall Rating:4
    Tons of fun 3D work, most are animated, but there are also a couple of interesting stills (check out the castle). And this is real 3D (not just spinning extruded text... well there is some extruded work as well, but hey, there's also a dancing parrot).
    Quality Rating: 3-4   Quantity Rating: 4
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