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Find free desktop wallpapers to use on your computer, web site, e-mail, personal webspace (such as Myspace), and more.

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  • Animal Wallpaper   
    Through a special arrangement with photographer Marie Terry, is proud to offer these fabulous free animal desktop wallpapers.
  • BonnellArts   
    Overall Rating:5
    Featuring the artwork of Mike Bonnell, these are 3D, surrealistic, planetscapes, landscapes -- great work, lots of interesting, emotive, mysterious work. I really like this one.
  • Dark Project Studios   
    Overall Rating:3
    Small collection of 800x600 art images suitable for wallpaper -- futuristic feel to most, including Ancient Origins, my favorite. ;)
  • Digital Blasphemy   
    Overall Rating:5
    These are full-size desktop wallpapers and they are incredible pieces of 3D art -- planetscapes, fantasy, science fiction, landscapes, abstract... this is a most impressive site and even if you don't use desktop wallpaper (I don't), you should visit just to partake of the art.
  • Ocean Photos   
    Overall Rating:5
    Featuring the underwater photography of John Petrak, there is everything from dolphins to rays to seahorses to coral things both beautiful and odd which I have no idea what they are.
  • Prinz 3D Wallpapers   
    Overall Rating:4
    Scads of 3D wallpapers, everything from realistic and surrealistic landscapes to hearts and dolphins. Unfortunately, a number of pieces have lost a good bit of quality in the reduction process, but the artist says he'll send you the original bitmaps if you request them.
  • Visual Paradox - Free 3D Wallpaper   
    Overall Rating:4
    All 3D including landscapes (the snow/mountainscape is truly marvelous), some skeletons, science fiction, and object studies.
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PLEASE NOTE: Yes, these sites all have free graphics (you pay no money), but some do have usage restrictions such as requiring a link back to their site and different restrictions for personal vs. commercial use. Be sure to read the usage requirements at each site as they vary greatly.

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