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    Overall Rating:5
    Way cool site for making 468x60 banners. Start with their template and in a matter of minutes (literally), you can make tons of banners... I didn't want to stop (see samples). This site does require registration and a valid email address.
  • Banner Creation   
    Overall Rating:3
    Very easy to follow, but simplicity often comes with few features -- that's the case here. Some interesting backgrounds for banners, but no ability to make font selections other than color. The system is also not too smart when it comes to placing text on banners (see samples). Each created banner also carries the Crecon name (very small, but still it's on your company's banner).
  • CoolText   
    Overall Rating:5
    Great place for making really cool logos, lots of font choices, variety of sizes and some very interesting effects (see samples).
    Overall Rating:4
    Allows you to make Flash Button menus by entering text and selecting a background color. Lots of fun (be sure to mouseover the sample menus linked below -- nice mouseover effects), but with one caveat -- your visitors must have the Flash Plugin installed to see your menus. To see if you have the Flash Plugin installed, check the sample page (see samples)
  • Signboard Factory   
    Overall Rating:3
    Small, but odd selection of graphics to create (need a big letter G? go here). Images are offered first as GIFs with a link to duplicate JPEGs. Go for the JPEGs, they're much smaller (file size) and clearer (see samples).
  • WebFX   
    Overall Rating:4
    Okay, with this one you need to have a graphic to start with, but then you can do all sorts of really cool stuff to it. Put it in a television set, give it a wood grain -- all sorts of true fun (see samples).
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PLEASE NOTE: Yes, these sites all have free graphics (you pay no money), but some do have usage restrictions such as requiring a link back to their site and different restrictions for personal vs. commercial use. Be sure to read the usage requirements at each site as they vary greatly.

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