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the Haunted House

original house Tools
Adobe's Photoshop 5: My graphic editor of choice -- software that continually amazes and astounds me.

Extensis' PhotoAnimator: This is the most amazing piece of animation software I have ever seen. It's great as a standalone animation tool, but if you use Photoshop, are you in for a treat. Create an image in Photoshop, import the .PSD file into Photoanimator and it retains your transparencies, layers, everything! For example, for the Headless Woman, I didn't make separate gifs of each frame and then compile them, I loaded one .PSD file into PhotoAnimator. Photoanimator retained the transparency of her dress -- all I had to do was tell the program to move the dress from point A to point B.

WARNING!!! Both versions of the house require a minimum of Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4. UPDATE: Report from an Opera User informs us that Opera 3.50 (for Win98) also works just fine. WARNING!!!

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  • Haunted House Download: find out how you can download the Haunted House (both versions) and put one or both on your web site. Some Restrictions Do Apply.

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