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Screen Saver: Postcards from the Edge


Download Postcards from the Edge (1.6 MG, WIN95/98)

A while back, Anthony Beaudion of T & P Soft Computing contacted me about exchanging links. When I went to look at his site, I discovered his company creates screen savers. Well, we did exchange links, but I also decided that simply had to have its own screen saver.

And so was born Postcards from the Edge. I invited nine artists who are listed at to submit a piece of their art for the screen saver -- they did, and did so in a most marvelous way. I'm sure you'll agree that this is a truly smashing screen saver. Below is a thumbnail of each piece of art in the screen saver and a bit about the artists.

You'll note, there are ten images in the screen saver -- I couldn't resist the opportunity to do one myself. ;)

Anthony did a marvelous job putting the whole thing together, was extremely easy to work with and his prices are fantastically reasonable. If you'd like to have a screen saver created for your web site, I strongly recommend Anthony -- visit his web site and check it out for yourself!

The screen saver is completely free for you to use, but of course you may not sell it, include it any collections, and for my Bandwidth's Sake, you simply must not link to it on my server.

The Artists

Hexaglyphs Hexaglyphs
Ann Stretton
Ann-S-Thesia's Gallery of Digital Delights

Ann is an artist working in several different media. She is a mixed media painter (metallic and abstract), a web graphic artist, and a dingbat font designer or dingbatician. Her art is abstract, geometric, embellished, decadent and fun. She's the webmistress behind Ann-S-Thesia's Gallery of Digital Delights, which is a graphic resource goldmine. Ann has an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, a BFA from Colorado State and has been in over 150 exhibits. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband, dogs and cats.

Dreamer Dreamer
Topaz Designs

I'm a high school student in Ottawa, Canada, and enjoy all kinds of art, including painting, drawing, jewelry, and especially digital art. My software of choice at the moment is Bryce 3D, which I used to create this piece, Dreamer. It was also my first image using Poser 3 (to create the figure) - I tried to put some emotion into those plastic models :)

Smile Fiely A. Matias
Fiely's Kooky Art Stuff

Fiely is a self-taught artist who loves creating animated gifs. The programs he uses are Moray for modelling his 3D designs, Persistence of Vision to raytrace the images and Ulead Gif Animator to compile the cels. His designs have garnered awards from The Grand, Andy's Art Attack, Animated Gif Artist Guild, Gifartist and Fortis Graphics. He is also the ringmaster for AGAG.

Spanglemaker Spanglemaker

"Spanglemaker" was created with Paint Shop Pro 5, digitally drawn and painted from scratch with my beloved graphics tablet. Of all art media, digital has been my favorite since 1997. I tend to focus on the fantasy realm -- and more specifically, I seem to have a certain connection to dragons.

I've always tried to show the side of dragons few people see. When you look at my "Spanglemaker" dragon, do you see a dark, evil, horrible monster? Or do you see what I felt while creating him: grace, motion, strength; personality; a sprightly, playful light bearer? The next time you see a sparkle in the night sky, look very closely; maybe you'll catch my spanglemaker in action.

Dolphins Dolphins
Graphics by PeeLee

I am the webmistress of Graphics By PeeLee. I have been making web graphics and digital art for about nine months. I have had some formal training in fine art, but all I know about digital art I have learned through many of the fine sites on the Internet that offer free instruction, reading books and trial and error. I have been greatly inspired by many of the wonderful artists who share their talents on the web.

I chose to do picture about Dolphins because I have been in love with the ocean and all it is creatures, since I was a little girl. The Ocean has always held for me a great sense of wonder, and is the place I go to for renewal in this hectic world. You can visit my ocean site at's_lagoon.htm. This picture was made in Photoshop5 and Poser3.

I have other background sets that are free to use on non-profit sites in exchange for a link. All the sets on my site are available for exclusive use at I also offer custom graphics and web site design services.

Ancient Pixels

Artiste Productions


Untitled Stacey Capps-Osten

Stacy is a 27 year old web and graphical designer who resides in Dallas Texas. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to: computers, web design, graphic creation, walking, reading, and exploring. Stacy, who was once an avid Adobe Photoshop user, switched to Micrografx Picture Publisher and now creates all her images with this program. Stacy's style tends to lean to the more emotional side, images that express a story.

Untitled Bradley W. Schenck
Long Playing Computer Graphics

Originally an artist who worked in traditional media, Bradley became interested in computers because of their obvious and imminent effect as a force for good and for sociological change - but mainly because you can play games on them and blow up aliens. That led to a career in computer game design and illustration that began in 1988. The bandwidth limitations of web design remind him very much of the demos and projects he did early in his career, when images and animations were distributed via 880K floppy disks and 2400 baud modems. Graphics have to be good but compact, and good design is that design which understands the strengths and weaknesses of its medium - as it always has been.

Once in a Blue Moon Once in a Blue Moon
Claire Amundsen Schaeffer

I have a great love of 3D design and this piece is a bit of a lark designed first in Moray (a 3D Modeller), rendered in POV-Ray (a raytracing program), and finishing touches applied in Adobe's Photoshop. Oh, and I shouldn't forget the creatures going about their day in this piece were modelled originally in MetaCreations' Poser.

I haven't done a good bit of 3D work lately (the hazard of having a Day Job), but I decided I simply must for the screen saver. This piece is constructed of several highly reflective spheres all contained within another highly reflective sphere -- I then pointed my ray-tracer camera at the inside wall of the sphere... which is what created all the distorted shapes, the "horizon" and what I finally decided was the inside of a spaceship.

Untitled Kitty
FullMoon Graphics

Hi guys! mizKitty here..... I've been told that "FullMoon Graphics" is a very warm and inviting place to visit, which is among the highest compliments that I have received. When I create my artwork and graphics, I need to "feel" the ebb and flow of the colors and curves as they fill up the page. I want my visitors to feel it too. 98.8% of *me* is expressed in my work ( I reserve 1.2% for personal reasons ;)

I don't think you'll find as varied of a selection of web page graphics as you will on my site. Unusual, original, and a tad bit odd at times..... that's *me* .... and my artwork! So, stop on by, and be prepared to stay awhile. I do this for dollars also.....even the IRS knows about me @, FullMoon Graphics' alter ego!

Download Postcards from the Edge (1.6 MG, WIN95/98)
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