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Why Sites are Rejected

Listed below are the top ten reasons (to date) why submitted sites don't get listed in the database. Please note: I am well aware that there some "grey areas" with some of these (such as the clipart issue) and I have no problem making final decisions on a site-by-site basis.

  1. TOO MANY [profanity deleted] ADVERTISING POP-UPs. I truly understand the desire to make money off of a site, but you pop-up a bunch of advertising (and or traded link) windows on my screen and you're not included in this database. What is too many? Depends on my mood. At the time of this writing, two on the front page of a site is too many.
  2. Site claims graphics as their own, even when they did not create them. Fiends and scalawags. I don't care if 99% of the graphics are original -- I find one piece that is not, the entire site is left out of the database.

  3. Site uses registered trademarks and or copyrighted work in their art... trademarks/copyrights registered to someone else, that is. If the site include Bart Simpson, Pokemon, Mickey Mouse, or Kenny (living or dead), the site will not be included.
  4. Archive sites -- if the work is not yours (or artists who work for you), please do not submit your site. This includes when a site says something similar to: "All graphics used on this site are my own design or thought to be public domain. If for some reason they are not, please inform me..."
  5. Overabundance of common clipart and/or scanned postcards. If the primary feature of the majority of sets or buttons is clipart/scanned postcards with a border thrown on, etc., I will not include the site.
  6. Site is too slow. Now, I am willing to wait a long long time for graphic sites, I know they're going to be slow. If a site is slow, I'll even check back another time to make sure it wasn't a fluke. But the occasional site, that won't load something in under two minutes does not make it to the database.
  7. Sites that create graphics for web site use and create graphics far too heavy for reasonable use on the web. 70k is too big a file for a background.
  8. Site navigation makes me run screaming from the room after the 43rd time I've gotten lost. I always try to link to the primary page of a web site (save but for the tutorials and some holiday pages). I do this out of respect for the artist. But if I can't find the graphics, or I have to click through a series of five "entry" pages, or I find the graphics and then lose them (it happens), I'll probably wander off in a cloud of bewilderment and forget to add the site to the database.
  9. The site crashes (or will not display properly in) in my browser.
  10. The site does not offer free graphics/fonts/software... Am I stating the obvious? To most people, probably yes, but it doesn't get listed on this page unless it's happened enough times for me think listing is necessary. <heavy dramatic sigh>
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PLEASE NOTE: Yes, these sites all have free graphics (you pay no money), but some do have usage restrictions such as requiring a link back to their site and different restrictions for personal vs. commercial use. Be sure to read the usage requirements at each site as they vary greatly.

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